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Dr. Day received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology and is a Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Certified Family Mediator. Dr. Day is in private practice with Psychological Affiliates, Inc., of Winter Park, Florida.

Since Record Keeping Started in ’04, Google Searches for Anxiety Have Never Been Higher Than in 2016

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Thursday, August 25, 2016

Welcome to the 21st century. Everything is everywhere, and everyone is everywhere. The internet has taken leaps and bounds within the last 25 years, but not everything is good about this new marvel. One of the more widespread issues throughout the United States at this moment in time, would be the uprise of psychological abnormalities. People have become more and more connected with each other, with the introduction of social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a few examples of creations that have connected people with relatives, friends, and peers, whether they are a few miles from them, or a few thousand miles from them. But this marvel should be used with caution, because the side effects from becoming attached to a screen hasn’t been so forgiving to people around the world.


We are becoming a society that is dependent on connection through the internet, but it also gives many people a feeling of angst and loneliness. It’s odd that a connection to the entire world causes loneliness, but the more we become connected to keyboards and screens, we are becoming a society of shut-ins.


Not everyone becomes like this, however, there are benefits to social media and the internet. This is just a broad statement and a mindset that has been adopted by many individuals. There is also a shared mindset of anxiety throughout the U.S., caused by a many number of reasons. But this mindset of loneliness and self-containment has spiraled out of control, and caused many people to search for answers through the ever-growing internet.


Google is another amazing innovation that is a major backbone of the internet we know today. It allows us to type in a few words and instantly get results, taking us from local research, to an answer or result that comes from around the world. Lately there has been many searches for the same thing though, and that is a search for ‘anxiety’. People have become more and more anxious as a whole, and where do these people turn to? You got it, the internet.


The internet has become a place of resource, a place of enlightenment, a place of discovery. But with something as complex as dealing with anxiety, it is not always the intelligent thought to self-diagnose and handle the issue alone. Sometimes, we need professional help. People are often stubborn to the idea to reach out and ask for help, and that is why it can be so difficult sometimes for people to receive the help they need. The internet has become the source or retainer of most knowledge we possess now-a-days, but it doesn’t have to be like that.


Since record keeping started in 2004, google searches for anxiety have never been higher than in 2016. We have reached a precipice of angst and worry, and people are turning to google for help. Although google might have many different helpful answers, in many cases anxiety isn’t something that has a quick fix. Psychologists study for years and years to become able to help those affected by anxiety, and it can have many different traits and side effects as well, so an expert is sometimes required to be able to curve side effects and recommend a successful treatment plan.


Psychology in Orlando, FL, has become far more popular and sought out in the recent years. With the technology era intertwining with the era of knowledge, Orlando has become a central hub in Florida for furthering the discovery and treatment of new psychological cases. With more and more causes driving anxiety through the roof all across the United States, psychology has been turning the gears rapidly to get ahead of this epidemic. But don't fret, google doesn’t always have the answers, and that’s ok.


Sometimes seeking out a professional for expert advice isn’t such a bad thing. It is sometimes necessary to seek advice from someone who truly understands a concept as complex as the human mind. Anxiety can be a crippling disease, but with the help of an expertly trained professional, we can stop anxiety in its tracks, and take back our peace of mind.

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Collaborative Law for Divorce: Have Control Over The Process of Your Divorce

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Friday, July 08, 2016

Marriage is a great aspiration in life. Kids dream of their weddings, teens seek their crush, and adults search for the love of their lives. It has always been a concept since we — as humans — can remember. From a young age, we are imprinted with the idea of love, a concept only a few can truly grasp, but many search for. We look high and low, far and wide, up and down; we look everywhere! Some of us can’t find love, the ever-escaping idea of belonging to another. But those of us who are lucky enough to find that person who brings out the best in them, they often fall in love and marry. For love, for lust, or for whatever reason, you marry that person, tying your lives, accounts, families, and homes together. Marriage is forever, or at least you would think.


Not every marriage is successful. Crazy, right? Not at all. In fact, a great number of marriages fail to a multitude of different problems. Some just realize they aren’t meant for each other, some find someone else they love more truly, and some just lose themselves and are incapable of loving their spouse. For whatever reason, divorce has become widespread. Marriage isn’t the same principle that it was, and that’s ok. We live in a society that accepts challenge and change, and unlike a few centuries ago where divorce wasn’t even a true legal concept, we are given the right to marry and divorce as we please. But divorce can be an ugly circumstance in many cases. With a plethora of complications present — such as children, estates, capital, etc — it can get quite messy. That’s why the courts have intervened into divorces to ensure the split is an even and fair one, but for anyone that has gone through a divorce, sometimes the outcomes are not in their favor.


Divorces can get ugly quick, but Orlando collaborative law for divorce aims to eliminate the ugliness of divorce. Marriage can be a beautiful thing, but a divorce can be the equivalent on the opposite side of the spectrum. It can also tear a family apart, because the two people who forged a bond through marriage are not the only people affected by divorce. Children, relatives, friends, and even pets are a few who suffer through a divorce. Children can be separated, estates can be lost, capital can be divided unequally, and many other ugly circumstances can spiral from a bad divorce. Orlando collaborative law for divorce can fix those issues, by keeping the court out of decision-making processes and giving more control to the divorcees.


In a regular divorce, the court has a large amount of control in deciding what goes where. Who will retain custody of the children, what capital and estates will be divided and how, and plenty of other aspects as well. Sometimes the court is fair in their decision, but many people negatively affected by an ugly divorce will tell you differently.


Psychologists in Winter Park, FL, are here to fix this issue. By using a collaborative method that restores more power to the divorcee, there is a much higher rate of satisfaction between those affected by the divorce. This method allows for a negotiation of mutually acceptable settlements without the interference of the courts, maintains an open line of communication and information sharing, and creates shared solutions which acknowledge the highest priorities. By incorporating a method of transparency and limiting control, many couples going through a divorce can successful “split” without resorting to methods that can hurt more than they help.


Collaborative law for divorce is an amazing new alternate method of divorce that gives the power back to the people. It allows for mutual benefits, without allowing a third-party (the courts) to have an input into your life. By allowing for the divorcees to be able to decide their family’s fate, while having a group of psychologists to guide the entire process, more issues can be addressed and fairly delegated. In times like these, think of your children, because they are often the ones who suffer the most.

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Collaborative Law for Divorce

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Unfortunately, over half of all marriages in America will experience divorce. A traditional divorce requires both parties to go to court to dissolve the marriage, which is both emotionally and financially taxing. There are, however, new and alternative methods for divorce—one of them being Collaborative Law. Collaborative Law is a way for you and your partner to resolve disputes without going to court, with the assistance of trained professionals; this team includes lawyers and psychologists.

One of the most appealing aspects of Collaborative Law is that the whole settlement is negotiated upon until it is mutually agreeable, without having the court involved. Before the process begins, both parties agree that they will not go to court, as well as commit to being completely open with information. Throughout the process, several meetings take place between the parties and their lawyers in order to reach a settlement.


Throughout the Collaborative Law process, you are extremely supported—not only by lawyers, but also by psychologists who remain neutral during this time. The psychologists are involved during negotiations to help the couple manage their emotions, reactions, and stress during this time. Emotions will arise during the negotiations of the divorce, but with counseling from the psychologists, they may not be as severe as they would be without it. 


Our team at Psychological Affiliates understands that divorce is a difficult situation to be in for every person involved, which is why we provide support to you and your family. It is important for us that you and your spouse are able to successfully reach a settlement, but recognize that emotions can be a barrier for this. For all of your Orlando Collaborative Law for Divorce needs, our team at Psychological Affiliates is ready to work with you.

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Parenting Coordinator Responsibilities

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Friday, June 06, 2014

The role of the Parenting Coordinator is defined by the court order.  Goals include:

1. Educate co-parents in effective communication skills and anger management

2. Shield the children from parental conflict, loyalty binds, and unnecessary stress

3. Monitor parental behaviors and parental access and report back to the court only as necessary

4. Ensure the execution of the court order or settlement agreement

5. Mediate any unresolved issues

6. Create a specific Parenting Plan

7. Collaborate with all professionals involved with the family

8. Determine additional services, such as counseling, random drug screens and parenting classes

9. Incorporate follow-up sessions at 3, 6 and 12 months and to be available in the future as needed

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Welcome to Psychological Affiliates of Orlando, FL

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Saturday, May 10, 2014

Psychological Affiliates was founded by Deborah O. Day, Psy.D. and has been serving the Orlando area for over 20 years. The team at Psychological Affiliates offers an extensive amount of outpatient services for various mental health issues to families, groups, and the individual. With these services there are full psychological evaluations. Specializing in families, the staff deals with marriage, divorce, sex, therapy, children, and many more! This practice is seasoned in dealing with legal professions, physicians, state agencies, inpatient facilities, and non-profit organizations.

            Being in a healthy environment is the start to recovery according to Psychological Affiliates. We are easily accessible by being handicapped equipped. The team here wants to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable as soon as they step foot in the door. With the healthy environment comes an extraordinary staff and a plan to create the best path for each patient. In charge of it all is Dr. Deborah O. Day, who has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Psychologist. She specializes in forensic psychology, which includes divorce/parenting plan evaluations, criminal matters, child abuse, and collaborative law. With being in private practice with Psychological Affiliates, she also offers professional workshops and seminars around the United States. Dr. Day makes sure that all the licensed psychologists that are employed here are well-informed on all the new research and execute it when creating a path to recovery for a patient. The staff also includes two certified family mediators and a certified school psychologist.  At Psychological Affiliates it is about a stable environment and staff to help every individual, family, or group.

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Meet Psychological Affiliates Mediators

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Saturday, May 10, 2014

Psychological Affiliates has three mediators to meet your family’s Orlando mediation needs, all of which have post-graduate degrees in psychology. Dr. Amanda Janner, who received her Doctorate of Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology, became a licensed psychologist in Orlando in 2007. She specializes in parent coordination and has experience conducting individual and couples psychotherapy. Dr. Robert Janner is another licensed psychologist with a private practice at Psychological Affiliates. He specializes in teenage and emergent adult issues, and also has experience in cognitive and behavioral therapies.  Dr. Janner is qualified to conduct individual outpatient competence restoration training to test if an individual is either capable or unable to participate in a trial. Dr. Deborah Day, the founder of Psychological Affiliates is a licensed psychologist and a licensed mental health counselor. Dr. Day is also in private practice with Psychological Affiliates and has an extensive background in forensic psychology, factitious disorders and criminal matters. She is a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, the Florida Psychological Association and is an affiliated member of The Florida Bar. Dr. Day has won multiple awards for her contributions to Florida families, and has extensive experience providing commentary for television and news.

Psychological Affiliates has been a leading provider of mental health professionals to the greater Orlando area since their foundation in 1988. The psychologists of Psychological Affiliates provide a wide variety of mental health services, such as family counseling Orlando, individual sessions, group therapy and comprehensive evaluations. We also specializes in and offer collaborative law, which in this case is the mediator; divorce education classes to address the impact of divorce on adults and children, how the legal process works and the rules for parents to collaborate and work together.

To find out more information about Psychological Affiliates and Orlando Family Mediation, please visit our office or call 407-674-5663.

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