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Collaborative Law for Divorce: Have Control Over The Process of Your Divorce

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Friday, July 08, 2016

Marriage is a great aspiration in life. Kids dream of their weddings, teens seek their crush, and adults search for the love of their lives. It has always been a concept since we — as humans — can remember. From a young age, we are imprinted with the idea of love, a concept only a few can truly grasp, but many search for. We look high and low, far and wide, up and down; we look everywhere! Some of us can’t find love, the ever-escaping idea of belonging to another. But those of us who are lucky enough to find that person who brings out the best in them, they often fall in love and marry. For love, for lust, or for whatever reason, you marry that person, tying your lives, accounts, families, and homes together. Marriage is forever, or at least you would think.


Not every marriage is successful. Crazy, right? Not at all. In fact, a great number of marriages fail to a multitude of different problems. Some just realize they aren’t meant for each other, some find someone else they love more truly, and some just lose themselves and are incapable of loving their spouse. For whatever reason, divorce has become widespread. Marriage isn’t the same principle that it was, and that’s ok. We live in a society that accepts challenge and change, and unlike a few centuries ago where divorce wasn’t even a true legal concept, we are given the right to marry and divorce as we please. But divorce can be an ugly circumstance in many cases. With a plethora of complications present — such as children, estates, capital, etc — it can get quite messy. That’s why the courts have intervened into divorces to ensure the split is an even and fair one, but for anyone that has gone through a divorce, sometimes the outcomes are not in their favor.


Divorces can get ugly quick, but Orlando collaborative law for divorce aims to eliminate the ugliness of divorce. Marriage can be a beautiful thing, but a divorce can be the equivalent on the opposite side of the spectrum. It can also tear a family apart, because the two people who forged a bond through marriage are not the only people affected by divorce. Children, relatives, friends, and even pets are a few who suffer through a divorce. Children can be separated, estates can be lost, capital can be divided unequally, and many other ugly circumstances can spiral from a bad divorce. Orlando collaborative law for divorce can fix those issues, by keeping the court out of decision-making processes and giving more control to the divorcees.


In a regular divorce, the court has a large amount of control in deciding what goes where. Who will retain custody of the children, what capital and estates will be divided and how, and plenty of other aspects as well. Sometimes the court is fair in their decision, but many people negatively affected by an ugly divorce will tell you differently.


Psychologists in Winter Park, FL, are here to fix this issue. By using a collaborative method that restores more power to the divorcee, there is a much higher rate of satisfaction between those affected by the divorce. This method allows for a negotiation of mutually acceptable settlements without the interference of the courts, maintains an open line of communication and information sharing, and creates shared solutions which acknowledge the highest priorities. By incorporating a method of transparency and limiting control, many couples going through a divorce can successful “split” without resorting to methods that can hurt more than they help.


Collaborative law for divorce is an amazing new alternate method of divorce that gives the power back to the people. It allows for mutual benefits, without allowing a third-party (the courts) to have an input into your life. By allowing for the divorcees to be able to decide their family’s fate, while having a group of psychologists to guide the entire process, more issues can be addressed and fairly delegated. In times like these, think of your children, because they are often the ones who suffer the most.

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