Google searches for anxiety have never been more frequent than in 2016 since record keeping started in 2004. Driving anxiety is one of the most frequent of these searches, indicating that many people experience anxiety or panic while driving. When an adult family member’s ability to drive is limited, the entire family may be affected. Similarly, one family member with road rage likely jeopardizes the safety of others. Unlike those with driving anxiety, “Road Ragers” seldom have the insight necessary to seek help, although their spouses or parents may facilitate such therapy when necessary.


Fear of driving may also include fear of having a panic attack, as well as the panic attack itself. The dread of having a panic attack limits one’s driving, perhaps despite rarely actually having them while driving. Planning and problem solving can then guide you and your therapist in treatment planning. Relevant cognitive behavioral therapy components include relaxation training, stress inoculation, mindfulness, self-compassion, and hypnotherapy. Your therapist can also structure and pace your experiences driving as your confidence improves, and your therapist will help put any setbacks in their proper context, to enhance your resiliency.


Many of the above therapy components are relevant for Road Ragers as well. The skills and perspectives commonly achieved through therapy often have other applications in one’s life. Such benefits are commonly seen in any areas where emotional self-regulation is important, such as anger control.


Help is available at Psychological Affiliates for individuals and their families coping with anxiety, road rage, or any emotional/behavioral issue that limits one’s driving ability or safety. A common scenario is to be involved in a terrifying motor vehicle accident and then to experience strong or even incapacitating anxiety when driving again, or sometimes even when riding as a passenger in a car. Others are too anxious to even take the driver’s licensing exam. Our psychologists can evaluate and treat test anxiety, panic disorder, and driving anxiety, as well as road rage.


A one-hour consultation with Dr. Grieco, or any of Psychological Affiliates’ highly trained and experienced staff psychologists, provides one with an expert opinion on how to best address and resolve your driving issue. Often, clear progress is attained within four to eight sessions of therapy. When your independence and safety are at stake, it may be a wise investment for you and your loved ones.



For more information on Driving Anxiety and other driving related anxieties please contact Psychological Affiliates at 407-740-6838 or fill out the form to schedule a consultation.



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