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Psychological Affiliates offers the following neuropsychological evaluation:


 • Head Injury

 • Trauma

 • Gifted Testing

 • Learning Disabilities

 • High School & College Placement Evaluations


What is a neuropsychological evaluation?


A neuropsychological evaluation is a formal assessment of mood, personality and cognitive abilities (e.g., memory, concentration and problem solving) that is conducted by a certified neuropsychologist.

Research shows that many people with movement disorders, psychiatric disorders or acquired brain injuries demonstrate changes in their mood, personality and thinking skills (such as attention, memory and planning). These changes may be subtle or dramatic and may reflect the underlying disease process or side-effects from treatment.


What does a neuropsychological evaluation do?


This type of evaluation determines if a person’s thinking skills, mood and personality have been affected by a neurological disorder. A neuropsychological evaluation also does the following:


• Establishes a baseline so that changes in thinking skills, mood and personality can be monitored over time to provide better treatment


• Helps the patient and family make decisions about work and other responsibilities Educates family members about how the brain disorder has affected the patient’s thinking skills and personality so they can better help and understand

• Provides information for a physician in order to help with medication selection to reduce side effects or improve cognition


Who should have a neuropsychological evaluation?


All patients who are considering deep brain stimulation (DBS) for the treatment movement and psychiatric disorders are required to complete a neuropsychological evaluation to help determine their candidacy for surgery. Research suggests that patients with significant cognitive difficulties may not be suitable candidates for DBS. A second evaluation is recommended six to 12 months after surgery.



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