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Please join the Family Law Section of The Florida Bar in congratulating and thanking the ad hoc Bounds of Advocacy Committee, a group of Florida’s most experienced family lawyers and professionals. 2017-2018 Section Chair Nicole Goetz appointed the committee to update the "Bounds of Advocacy" practice guide to reflect recent significant changes that impact the practice of Florida family law. During the section's Annual Awards & Installation Luncheon on June 13, Nicole expressed her sincere thanks on behalf of the section for the committee's hard work and dedication in updating the Bounds. Thank you to each of these outstanding committee members! L-R: Maria C. Gonzalez, Co-chair Richard West; Ashley McCorvey Myers; Co-chair Melinda Gamot; Dr. Deborah Day; Hon. Ray McNeal and Nicole Goetz. Committee members not pictured are Ky Koch and David Manz.




Dr. Susan Spicer,  Licensed Psychologist, discusses popular plastic surgery apps for children that make cosmetic surgery a game, These apps, which normalize and glamorize plastic surgery, have the potential to contribute to issues of self-image and self-esteem in young children.





Personality profiles of factitious disorder imposed by mothers: A comparative analysis

Jan Faust, Ryan A. Black, Deborah O. Day & Anita Alexander

Published online: 13 Jun 2017


Factitious Disorder Imposed by Another (FDIA) can be difficult to expeditiously identify. Understanding personality characteristics of FDIA perpetrators via psychological assessment may decrease the time between initial abuse and identification of FDIA. Personality characteristics of FDIA mother-perpetrators were examined through a comparative analysis of MMPI-2 profiles. It was predicted that mother-perpetrators would have significantly higher overall profile elevations on the MMPI-2 and elevations on specific clinical scales than a comparative control group. Results indicated that mother-perpetrators displayed significantly higher, elevations on the Psychasthenia (Pt) and Schizophrenia (Sc) scales and a trend toward significantly higher elevation on the Psychopathic Deviate (Pd) scale than the control group. These findings, along with the demographic information obtained, establish a preliminary foundation for understanding an overall profile of mother-perpetrators.


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Harsh parenting can lead to kids rebelling later in life



Dr. Susan Spicer, Licensed Psychologist, discusses harsh parenting and how it can lead to kids rebelling.  Watch video here



AFCC 12th Symposium on Child Custody Evaluations

Dr. Goodwin attended the AFCC 12th Symposium on Child Custody Evaluations in Atlanta, Georgia, from November 3rd-5th. There were many great workshops, with a large focus on the new practice guidelines for evaluating and dealing with intimate partner violence in the context of child custody cases. Additional workshops focused on allegations of child abuse, dealing with parental alienation or attachment disruptions in families, and using empirical research when conducting a parenting plan evaluation. It was another great event put on by AFCC.



The Male/Female Therapy Team

For couples with complex or unique challenges, a new therapy approach is now available in Central Florida.  A dual therapy team, Dr. Alan Grieco and Dr. Susan Spicer, is available to conduct relationship therapy for couples or individuals.  Having a female-male therapy team to address couples’ or individuals’ issues provides a simultaneous analysis of both the man’s and the woman’s viewpoints, ensuring a balanced progress in therapy.


This approach is “new” to Central Florida, but was in fact recommended by the pioneers of sex therapy, Drs. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, of the famed Masters and Johnson Institute, where Dr. Grieco received training.  Sex therapy at the Masters and Johnson Institute involved a male and female therapy team to fully represent gender-specific issues.  Drs. Masters and Johnson called this “having a friend in court,” because the male therapist could focus on, give feedback to, and guidance to the male client, while the female therapist focused on the female client.  This approach gives a full voice to each client and reduces power imbalances. The approach can readily be applied to same-sex couples and those with gender identity variations.


Because these four-person therapy sessions are more complex, they generally last 90 minutes each.  Since this type of therapy may be more intense than individual or more traditional therapy, a shorter course of treatment may be needed as progress can be rapid.  The fee for these sessions if $400.00 per session.


Drs. Grieco and Spicer have successfully worked as a co-therapy team to help individuals and couples address relationship and sexual issues.  Dr. Grieco, a psychologist and sex therapist, and Dr. Spicer, a psychologist, neuropsychologist, and hypnotherapist, complement each other’s areas of expertise to facilitate progress with complex relationship issues.




Divide Loyalties Program

Court Approved in Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties


Psychological Affiliates, Inc & Partners With Families, Inc.

Classes starting Saturday January 9th, 2016


Educational program designed for separating, divorcing, and divorced parents.  Provides information about the divorce process in hopes of fostering and Improving parent/child relationships.  Click to register



Dr. Day became President of the Collaborative Law Council of Florida

May 14 2015


On Saturday May 14 2015 at the annual statewide Collaborative Law Convention, Dr. Day became President of the Collaborative Law Council of Florida by vote of the statewide membership. She will begin a two-year term. She envisions Florida as a leader in bringing the practice of collaborative law to those seeking an alternative to a traditional, litigated divorce. The Collaborative Law Council of Florida, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Learn more...




Roommate charged with murder ruled competent for trial

According to Dr. Olander, Santana invented a second personality, called "Michael," whom he allegedly said was a "bad person" who likes causing pain and killing animals.


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Open Forum with Lisa Singer - Successful women in business.

Dr Day will be interviewed on Wed/17th at 9:36am


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Susan M. Spicer,Ph.D on FOX 35 regarding the George Zimmerman story


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Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators


Amanda and Robert Janner, Psy.D. are pleased to announce that both are now Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators and Parent Coordinators.


The Janner’s  training represents a significant contribution to the continuing provision of exceptional services to individuals who are, or will become clients of Psychological Affiliates. Both excitedly anticipate referrals, and both wish to express gratitude to those who have kindly allowed for the observation of mediations including, but not limited to: Sam Weiss, Esq., Diane Homes, Esq., Rebecca Palmer, Esq., Bill Greenburg, Esq., Nancy Weber, Esq., Genie Williams and Deborah Day, Psy.D.


Please feel free to contact either Dr. Janner to discuss Parent Coordination and/or Family Court Mediation.



Link Between Perceived Stress & Heart



Deborah O. Day, Psy.D., LMHC/Licensed Psychologist, Certified Family Mediator

Winter Park, FL


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Be sure to tune in to Central Florida News 13  at Noon today (Dec 10)to hear Dr. Deborah O Day discussing Holiday Stress.


Deborah O. Day, Psy.D., LMHC/Licensed Psychologist, Certified Family Mediator

Winter Park, FL


Speciality Areas in Parenting Plan


By Deborah O. Day, Psy.D., LMHC/Licensed Psychologist, Certified Family Mediator

Winter Park, FL




Most parties who divorce work cooperatively to craft parenting plans for their children. While adjustment difficulties emerge, the majority of families do not require a parenting plan assessment. When these assessments are needed, general knowledge about divorce dynamics is often not enough when specific specialty questions arise.






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