Orlando Divorce Education Class

Promoting Shared Parenting Through Education A Program To Address:


 • The impact of divorce on children

 • The impact of divorce on adults

 • Ground rules for a working relationship between parents

 • How the legal process works

 • The effects of domestic violence




The Divided Loyalties Program is an educational program designed for separating, divorcing, and divorced parents.ᅠ Our program has been court approved in Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties.




This program provides information about the divorce process in hopes of fostering effective coping by parents and children, improving parent/child relationships, and facilitating cooperative parenting.ᅠ A further aim is to reduce the number of contested custody and visitation disputes.



Approximately 1.2 million children experience divorce each year in the United States. It is estimated that approximately 10% of all divorces involve time sharing disputes, not only does this present an increasing burden on the court, but it can have an adverse economic and emotional impact on all of the parties involved. Research studies show that in a stable relationship with both parents after divorce increases the childs succesful adjustment to divorce.



We suggest that you register early because space is limited.ᅠ We accept cash, checks and major credit cards.




The four-hour program is scheduled on Saturday'sᅠfrom 9-1 bi-monthly. The information will be presented in four sections using mental health professionals experienced in divorce related issues.ᅠ Written materials, including information on community resources, will be provided. A certificate of completion will be given to each participant.


Section I: The Impact of Divorce On Adults

The first section willᅠexplore the adult experience of seperation and divorce including how the parents' response affects children. Spouse abuse issues will be addresed.


SectionᅠII: The Legal Process

The second section will explain the legal system and the potential impact of time sharing disputes on the family.


Section III: The Impace of Divorce on Children

The third section teaches parents about the immediate and potential long-lasting effects of divorce on children of different ages. This section will address what behavior to expect from children, their specific needs at each stage, and how to assist them through the divorce process.ᅠ Child abuse issues will be addressed.


Section IV: The Business of Parenting

The fourth section provides guidelines for appropriate communications between parents to reduce stress on their children.




 • Pre-registration and payment is required at least 24 hours in advance.ᅠ There is no on-site registration

 • Plan to attend theᅠclass that you have requested. You will not be contacted unless there is a confilct or cancellation.

 • Please arrive 20 minutes early to ensure credit for your attendance.ᅠ Credit will not be given to late arrivals.

    Access to the class will be denied and no refunds will be given.

 • Due to the limited class size, we cannot accomodate rescheduling or refunds.ᅠIf you are unable to attend a portion or all of the

    class for which  you are registered, then you must register again and pay the full registration fee.

 • You must attend the full program to receive a certificate of completion.

 • Please do not bring children to the Divided Loyalties class.

 • If you prefer not to attend the same program as your child's other parent, please make those arrangements.

 • Call in advance if you have any special needs.


Taught by qualified professionals.

For more information on Divided Loyalties please contact Partners With Families, Inc. at 407-740-6838 or you may use the online contact form.


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