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For the sake of the children, divorcing parents must continue to communicate with! their former spouses in matters of child rearing. Yet, approximately 20-30% of divorcing parents exhibit high conflict behaviors, creating stress for both adult and child. Research indicates that

unrelenting parental conflict is the single most common cause of poor adjustment in children following a divorce.



Parent Coordination offers divorcing parents a unique service that ,may be used during the divorce process or years after.

Parents with serious concerns regarding their co-parent ,may request, through their attorney, the monitoring services of a Parenting Coordinator. A Parenting Coordinator is a neutral individual working to ensure parental access and protect children from unnecessary stress.


Parenting Coordinators at Psychological Affiliates are licensed psychologists who are trained in child development, mediation, and high conflict. All Coordinators are trained through the Cooperative Parenting Institute.


Parenting Coordinator Responsibilities


The role of the parenting coordinator is defined by the court order.


Goals Include:


1. Educate co-parents in effective communication skills and anger management.

2. Shield the children from parental conflict, loyalty binds, and unnecessary stress.

3. Monitor parer:~tal behaviors and parental access and report back to the court only as necessary.

4. Ensure the execution of the court order or settlement agreement.

5. Mediate any unresolved issues.

6. Create a specific Parenting Plan.

7. Collaborate with all professionals involved with the family.

8. Determine additional services,such as counseling, random drug screens, parenting classes.

9. Incorporate follow-up sessions at 3, 6, and 12 months and to be available in the future as needed.


Questions and Answers


1. How is the role of a Parenting Coordinator (P.C.) different?

• From a  mediator?

 The P.C. assists primarily with parenting issues and meet with parents as frequently as needed.


• From a  Guardian-ad-Litem {G.A.L.)?

G.A.L.'s report to the courts. Both may have some limited authority. A P.C. is typically not an attorney. P.C. appointments are not time limited. After the case is legally closed, the P.C. remains available to the family per the court order.


• From a Parenting Plan Evaluator?

A P.C. 'is not an extension of a parenting plan assessment. However, when an evaluation is ordered, the P.C. can consult with the



• From psychotherapy? A P.C. is a therapist, but they are not doing psychotherapy when they are working as a P.C. There are many differences. For example, a P.C. is directive, keeps a highly structured session, and has a "future" problem solving style.


2. What is the cost of the P.C. sessions?

Remember, Parent Coordination is not therapy. Insurance will not reimburse for this service. Please call our office for fees specific to each Parenting Coordinator.


3. Are the children or other adults included in the joint sessions?

The children can be seen. With agreement, others can participate in joint sessions.


4. How many sessions are usually requited?

Each family's needs are different. The family and your P.C. will decide your needs together.


5. Is the P.C. granted authority to intervene for the sake of the children?

Usually the P.C. is granted limited authority through the court order to make simple and temporary modifications. These can be done as an experiment to reduce stress for the children. An example might be to change the transfer time or location for a few weeks. Ultimately, a parent's timesharing cannot be altered . Unless both parents agree to a modification, the schedule remains.


6. Is there a specific order or language used to clarify the role of the P.C.?

Yes, it is essential that the language be very specific regarding the role and responsibilities of the P.C. Sample orders are available upon request.


Available Parenting Coordinators:


Deborah 0. Day, Psy.D.

Licernsed Psychologist

Licensed Me111tal Health Counselor

Certified Family Mediator



Psychological Affiliates continues to offer:


 • Parenting Plan Evaluations

 • Certified Family Mediation

 • Psychotherapy for all Age Groups



Judges, attorneys, and guardians are welcome to contact any of our staff to discuss the services we offer. Contact us at (407) 740-6838.


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