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Types of Psychosexual Evaluations

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Friday, February 26, 2016

There are three basic reasons for, and context of, psychosexual evaluations: Confidential, Stipulated, and Court-Ordered. The differences among these types of evaluation lies in the intended use of the results and who is authorized to receive them. The procedures of the evaluation itself are generally the same whether Confidential, Stipulated, or Court-Ordered. For purposes of this review, Court-Ordered refers to forensic matters and criminal charges, whereas Stipulated refers to issues relevant to family law, such as pertaining to shared parental responsibility/visitation, post-divorce. Psychosexual evaluations rather uniformly involve the taking of a detailed history, especially a sexual history, review of any available background records, and specialized testing. In addition, a collateral interview is usually requested, such as with a current or recent spouse or romantic partner. A psychosexual evaluation may be requested for anyone over 13 years old, even those with cognitive impairment.


The Confidential Psychosexual Evaluation is the most commonly requested type in our office. It is usually requested by the criminal defense attorney representing the client, who typically has been (or expects to be) charged with a sex offense. The intended use is to assist the defense attorney in representing the accused to the court. The goals include forming diagnostic impressions, giving recommendations for psychotherapy and/or community supervision, and estimating risk of sexual recidivism. If for any reason the evaluation results are deemed to not be helpful to defense, the results are not used. When results indicate, for example, a likely diagnosis of pedophilia or a high risk of sexual recidivism, the attorney may opt to not use those results.


An attorney, whether a Public Defender or a privately hired one, may request a psychosexual evaluation at any time, including prior to an arrest or formal charges, as well as prior to sentencing.


At sentencing, a psychosexual evaluation may be ordered, and is often a requirement of probation. Typically, such a Court-Ordered Psychosexual Evaluation states that a psychosexual be completed, along with completion of any treatment recommendations.


In contrast to these forensic contexts, family courts may order a Stipulated Psychosexual Evaluation as part of shared parental responsibility or visitation stipulations, post-divorce. Such evaluations are both court-ordered and stipulated, so these categories sometimes overlap.


The main advantage of a Confidential Psychosexual Evaluation is maintaining control over the results. Clients who obtain confidential evaluations learn the results, then decide who, if anyone else, gets these results. When a psychosexual evaluation is court-ordered or stipulated, the results must be given to the court and to the stipulated parties involved.


A Confidential Psychosexual Evaluation may also be directly requested by an individual, such as or personal insight or to address specific concerns. Occasionally, an individual voluntarily agrees to undergo a psychosexual evaluation, not based on a court order, but to comply with the request of a concerned spouse, for example. In such cases, the evaluatee generally voluntarily agrees to share the results with a specified individual, such as a spouse.


Psychosexual evaluations are generally conducted in our office and require approximately five hours to complete. Occasionally, an attorney requests that these evaluations be completed during a client’s incarceration or occasionally at the office of the attorney. Once all the background documents, interviews, and testing has been completed, approximately two to four weeks is required to complete the final document. At our office, Doctors Alan Grieco, Ph.D., Robert Janner, Psy.D., and Kyle J. Goodwin, Psy.D. are available to conduct these evaluations.


Authored by Alan Grieco, Ph.D.


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It's Possible to Turn a Toxic Relationship Around with Relationship Therapy

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Thursday, January 07, 2016

After anger management, partners will be able to express their emotions in a reasonably calm and considerate manner, and then look at the underlying cause of such negative emotions so that they can come up with constructive solutions to work through. When anger is overwhelmingly prevalent in the relationship of a couple, individual therapy may be more appropriate, as it can prepare them to work together more effectively in the long run. Dr. Deborah O. Day and her team have the experience and knowledge to evaluate the current state of a relationship and decide which therapeutic methods will be most effective and appropriate. They will work within your framework of values to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable in the therapy setting.


In general, six to ten sessions of Orlando relationship therapy may be needed to create improvement. By improving self-esteem, encouraging constructive management of stress or anger and enhancing the strengths that may already be apparent in the relationship, our therapeutic team can help you turn your relationship around, and make sure these positive changes are maintained over time.

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Dr. Grieco is One of the Few Mental Health Professionals in Central Florida Accepted by Probation Authorities to Conduct Sex Offender Therapy

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Wednesday, December 23, 2015


If a person has sexually harmed another, or thinks they are at risk of doing so, they should pursue treatment as soon as possible. Men, women and juveniles are eligible for treatment, although treatment is generally offered with men and women separate from each other. Therapy can be specialized for children with sexual behavioral problems, and such approaches may differ from therapy approaches used for adults.


Before treatment is provided, specialists may perform an individual evaluation in order to decide how useful treatment will be, and which approaches will work most effectively for the patient. Specialists are also able to answer any questions that the patient may have, and address any personal concerns. Because Orlando sex offender therapy is usually community-based, the programs require weekly sessions in group settings. These group sessions are always led by a trained specialist so patients can learn preventative strategies, develop risk management skills and get support from peers or professionals for management of emotions, thoughts and harmful behaviors.


In order to remain apart of the group, patients have a set of rules and agreements that they are expected to follow. Therapy can be ordered by a court, or self-pursued. Different treatment plans can also involve individual therapy, therapy for couples, family therapy, medication and methods of evaluation, such as a lie detector test. While the length of a program depends on personal progress and court orders, it should continue until the patient is able to change their behavior through safe and healthy choices. Relapse prevention, however, is likely to continue indefinitely.


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Ashley Madison Website Users Exposed

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hackers recently gained access to the website, Ashley Madison, that helps individual's cheat.  The names and personal information of thousands of users of this site are now available, potentially exposing affairs and devastating countless marriages and relationships.


If this development is relevant to you, you may have some very uncomfortable discussions in your near future.  How and when to hold such discussions and what to say a largely unknown terrain for most.  Is the marriage salvageable?  Is forgiveness warranted?  How can trust be reestablished?  No single answer fits all relationships.


If you feel overwhelmed, confused, or lost on how to clarify and perhaps resolve such a personal crisis, consider professional guidance.  As an Orlando psychologist and sex therapist with over thirty-five years of clinical experience, I am available to assist couples and individuals broach those delicate issues. Although I no longer accept any insurance, a consultation may be one of the best investments you ever made in your relationship.



Alan Grieco, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist 


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Female Viagra?

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the new "pink pill" for women to enhance their sex drive or libido.  Finally, women have an option to address this common problem affecting at least 10% of American women.  Addyi is its name, and it is currently approved only for premenopausal women who have low libido that is not related to another medical condition or to relationship stress. Although not specifically approved as of yet for postmenopausal women, some doctors may elect to prescribe it to them off label, or even perhaps to men.  Addyi works on the brain centers to adjust serotonin and dopamine, and must be taken daily.  Its effectiveness is not strong and side effects include nausea and lightheadedness.  It is not to be used with alcohol.


This development is sure to increase discussions of sex in marriages and relationships across the country.  What is often overlooked in the headlong rush to prescribe the medication is that it's not abnormal or unusual for women to feel little or no spontaneous sexual urge in the absence of stimulation, caring, relaxation, and emotional intimacy.  Careers, domestic chores and childcare, among other things, creates a full plate of responsibilities that fill most women's lives to the point that finding time to relax and focus on sex becomes a challenge.


Brief couple's therapy or sex therapy can be as effective as any pink pill for many women.  Such therapy helps men appreciate their mate's perspective and what really helps her feel appreciated, cared for, and sexy.  By all means, discuss Addyi with your physician and with your partner.  However, don't expect miracles, as the average recipient of this medication reported just one additional satisfying sexual interaction per month.  Then, consider the more natural options, such as couple's only vacations, mutual sensual massages, bringing some creativity to the bedroom, and deepening the emotional intimacy. Of course, a brief course of couple's or Orlando sex therapy can be quite effective in addressing this concern as well. 


Alan Grieco, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist 

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Child Psychology in Orlando, FL

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Monday, August 17, 2015

One of the many branches of psychological study and practice, child psychology, is frequently referred to as the most-studied specialty area. With a focus on the mind, development and behavior of children, child psychologists study prenatal development all the way through the time of adolescence. Child psychologists ask questions about how children grow, how their worldview is developed, how their emotions function, how they develop socially and more. In the past, the unique intricacies of children’s minds was not understood; they were thought to be just like adults, but on a smaller scale. Jean Piaget, a pioneer in developmental psychology, helped form the concept that children’s minds do not work the same way as those of adults. More recently, multiple views and interests within the field of psychology have led to many different approaches in regards to child psychology in Orlando, FL. It is widely agreed upon that child development involves more than just physical factors based on genetics; it also involves complicated internal development in the brain. Although genetics can play a role in the way a child develops, there are external factors that may also affect emotion, perception, attitude and more.

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Anger Management is a Topic of Discussion in Relationship Therapy

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Saturday, August 01, 2015

Anger management is not something that people usually expect when they think of relationship therapy, but it can be crucial to the encouragement of a healthy relationship. Although being able to trust each other enough to express negative emotions is important for partners, it is even more important to know how to communicate constructively and manage anger in a healthy way. When not properly managed, anger can be extremely destructive to a relationship. Issues like passive aggression, abuse that is either physical or verbal, and hostility should all be addressed in Orlando relationship therapy, so that corrective actions and preventative measures can be taken. When anger is prevalent, an experienced psychologist like the staff at Psychological Affiliates can help clients shift their feelings in the direction of promotion of understanding and compassion. Anger management can involve learning how to communicate feelings of overwhelming anger, so that there is no aggression, blame, or abuse present.

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Sex Offenders can be Cured with Proper Treatment

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Sunday, July 19, 2015

Orlando sex offender therapy focuses on behavior management so that the patient and the community can be ensured safety. Participants may address topics, such as aid for their victim, relapse prevention, risk management, and personal accountability for past offenses. Patients are encouraged to develop their own custom plan for preventing future abuse, recognize and move away from the patterns of manipulative behaviors that they employ, and address the sense of denial that they experience. Through this, patients can begin to develop much healthier attitudes and behaviors regarding sex, and confront their history of childhood victimization if appropriate. Different programs for treatment may offer rehabilitation approaches that are based on the existing strengths and personal resources that are unique to the patient. If therapy is successful, sex offenders can eliminate the harmful methods by which they meet their needs, and replace those methods with safer and healthier alternatives.

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What to Expect in Relationship Therapy

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Monday, June 08, 2015

At Psychological Affiliates, we are a group of mental health professionals that has been providing expectation-exceeding, comprehensive outpatient services in the scope of mental health since 1988. Among the outpatient services we offer, relationship therapy is an important way to provide therapy to couples struggling through a variety of issues. Orlando relationship therapy involves regularly-scheduled sessions, just like any other form of one-on-one or group therapy. However, the initial sessions are dedicated to gathering information about you and your partner’s individual histories, and your history as a couple. This can be done together, or individually in a private setting depending on your unique needs. Areas that relationship therapy typically covers includes communication, emotional intimacy, sexual adjustment, commitment, acceptance, and play. All of these areas are important for making progress in expression, avoidance, functioning, comfort, satisfaction, trust, healing, giving, receiving, having fun together, and more. The communication area is especially important throughout the process, as it encompasses both conflict resolution and anger management.

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What Does Hypnotherapy Treat?

Deborah O. Day, Psy.D - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When the word hypnosis is uttered to the general public, they tend to automatically picture a man on a stage wearing a crazy costume, convincing people to partake in spontaneous and embarrassing acts, such as barking like a dog. It is met with skepticism and humor, as most people don’t believe that hypnosis is even possible. Hypnosis has long been seen as a form of party entertainment, similar to what is practiced by stage magicians. Hypnosis, however, is not always a form of outlandish entertainment and hilarity. 


Orlando Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that utilizes focused concentration, expert guided relaxation, and heightened attention to help a person achieve a level of awareness, sometimes referred to as a trance. The attention of a person in a trance state is so focused that they can even block out the environment and occurrences that surround them. In this state, which is naturally occurring, a person can focus their attention on certain thoughts or tasks when guided by a trained therapist.

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