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Robert Janner, Psy.D. is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice at Psychological Affiliates, Inc. in Winter Park, Florida. Dr. Janner conducts therapy with adolescents, adults and couples. He specializes in teenage and emergent adult issues, including character pathology, divorce and adjustment disorders. Dr. Janner is trained and experienced in Cognitive and Behavioral therapies as well as Insight-oriented (e.g., Psychodynamic, Process-Experiential, etc.) therapies. He also utilizes a variety of couple’s and family therapy models. Dr. Janner also conducts individual outpatient competency restoration training for those individuals believed to be incompetent to proceed to trial, but for whom inpatient restoration training seems to be an unnecessary expense.


In addition to general psychological testing (e.g., personality, pathology, intelligence, etc.) Dr. Janner specializes in forensic evaluations to include child custody evaluations, competency to proceed/ mental status at the time of an alleged offense, psychosexual functioning and guardianship/incapacity evaluations. Such assessments are designed to help answer legal questions regarding optimal primary placement and contact and access for children of divorcing families, ability to participate in legal defense, sexual deviancy and risk re-offense, and ability to manage ones affairs following brain injury, diagnosed or suspected dementia or other such events.

Dr. Janner was the first president of the Society for Personality Assessment for Graduate Students. His research interests include the psychometric characteristics of personality assessment instruments, experimental design and statistics, and psychoanalytic concepts.

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