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Dr. Grieco is one of the few mental health professionals in Central Florida accepted by probation authorities to conduct Sex Offender Therapy.

If a person has committed a sexual offense or thinks they are at risk of doing so, they should pursue treatment as soon as possible. Men, women, and juveniles are eligible for treatment. Therapy can be specialized for children with sexual behavior problems, and such approaches may differ from therapy approaches used for adults or juveniles.


Before treatment is provided, specialists, such as Dr. Grieco, may perform an individual evaluation in order to decide how useful therapy will be and which approaches will work most effectively for the patient. Specialists are able to answer any questions that the patient may have and address any personal concerns. Because (per Dr. Grieco – and this is highlighted as a button on the web page) Orlando Sex Offender Therapy (end of the bold) at our office is offered for individuals, therapy can be tailored to that individual’s needs and circumstances. Therefore, individual therapy has certain advantages over group therapy. Individual therapy focuses on deepening insight and empathy, as well as developing risk management skills that reduce the patient’s risk of relapse and better protect the community.


Typically, Dr. Grieco is in close communication with the patient’s probation officer, with proper authorization by the patient. Sex Offender Therapy may be court-ordered or self-initiated. Different treatment plans can involve spouses, partners, or other family members. Patients may be referred for medication evaluation and may be referred for polygraph testing, which is often stipulated by probation orders. Therapy generally continues until the patient demonstrates appropriate insight, stability, and sexual self-management skills. Although formal therapy ends, the patient is equipped with lifelong enhanced coping skills that help minimize the chances of relapse.

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At Psychological Affiliates, we routinely get referrals for therapy and/or evaluations of individuals found to be in possession of child pornography. Our experience indicates certain common demographic characteristics of these individuals. First, they are uniformly males. Female child pornography offenders are quite rare.


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