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Sex offender therapy is often mandated by the terms of probation for a sexual offense. Dr. Grieco is one of the few mental health professionals in Central Florida accepted by probation authorities to conduct such therapy.

For over twenty years, Dr. Grieco provided group therapy to sex offenders. Since 2006, he has provided individual therapy for sex offenders on probation who are 18 years and older. He provides regular written reports to probation officers as part of his psychotherapy.


More recently, Dr. Robert Janner has also begun to practice sex offender specific psychotherapy. Dr. Janner augments the services provided by Psychological Affiliates, Inc. in that he not only sees adults convicted of sexual offending, but also adolescents. Effective adolescent sex offender treatment requires knowledge of the constantly evolving literature and a commitment to stay current with empirically supported treatment paradigms.


A course of sex-offender specific therapy typically lasts from one year to four years. Frequency of therapy sessions and duration of the therapy course depend on such specific factors as the length of one’s probation, age of the victim, and presence of prior offenses. Cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoeducation, and relapse prevention are the focus of treatment. The advantage of individual therapy over group therapy is psychotherapy can be tailored to an individual’s needs. Common topics include deepening appreciation of victim empathy, understanding one’s specific risk factors, managing cravings or deviant urges, and cultivating intimacy in appropriate romantic/sexual relationships.


As probationers progress in their therapy, they may seek increased privileges, such as use of the Internet or supervised contact with a minor relative. When appropriate, Dr. Grieco or Dr. Janner completes the necessary Risk Assessments and Safety Plans for assistance in such requests.


Is sex offender therapy effective? Yes, provided the recommended course of therapy is completed. Dropping out of therapy or receiving an unsatisfactory discharge are poor prognostic signs for recidivism (re-offense risk) and may violate the terms of probation. The average recidivism rate for untreated sex offenders is approximately fifteen percent over the five to ten years post release. Those who complete their recommended sex offender specific therapy generally see their recidivism risk decline to approximately ten percent for the same time interval. The message for sex offenders on probation is to find a therapist, often with the help of the probation officer, who offers a treatment plan that an individual can commit to, then diligently pursue the therapy until successful discharge from the therapist.

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